RosePad Launchpad on Oasis Network

2 min readApr 27, 2022


Rosepad Launchpad is a fundraising and trading DEX and NFT marketplace on the Oasis network. Lets make a comprehensive review to clarify if Rosepad is a worthwhile one.

Rosepad Platform

The platform incorporates a launchpad with an unique tier system, DEX, Staking, NFTs and full-supported launch platform (the latter is basically an incubator).

Speaking about tiers, here’s what a website says: “The highest tier stacker of the RosePad RPAD token and liquidity providers receive the highest level of benefits.” For now the tier is not yet public. The launch is planned for Q2 2022, the website just went live a couple of days ago. So if you are interested in learning more, it may be useful to explore Rosepad’s Medium.


Q4 2021 (Beginning) — idea and team formation, website development, strategy and preliminary NFT art.

Q1 2022 (Development and Fundraising) — finalized NFT art and design, frontend developed, RoseApes NFT mint, new partnerships.

Q2 2022 (Launch) — fundraising, beta testing, partnerships/IDOs, platform launch, first IDOs/marketing (means they still need to do their own IDO which is my favorite opportunity for a launchpad:)).

Q3 2022 (Expansion) — NFT marketplace, full trading platform with limit orders.


10% — marketing

10% — development

21% — advisory&team

43.9% — staking/liquidity (very high!)

15.1% — fundraising:

  • 41% — community/IDO
  • 40% — private sale
  • 19% — strategic partners.

Rose Apes

Though there is not much information on tiers, RoseApes NFTs already have their own website. They will definitely play a part in the entire ecosystem. “NFT holders can buy RosePad $RPAD token at IDO or strategic round price, with a 900RPAD (~90$) cap per each NFT.”

Total supply — 1800, rarity, 500 whitelist spot.

The token is not yet live, however the mint has already happened.


PoseApes Twitter is active — almost 4k followers.

RosePad Twitter — 2797 followers and still promoting actively.



What we see is a high risk-high reward opportunity as basically with all early stage launchpads. You have to trust the transparent team and clear tokenomics. If it is something you can do, RosePad is definetely a go-ahead!